Red Pope opposes free market, private property, advocates for redistribution


Pope Francis doesn’t like capitalism, trickle-down economics. In fact, Michael Moore, the communist filmmaker, once said the Pope told him capitalism is evil. The Red Pope doesn’t believe in private property and advocates for the redistribution of wealth. All this is in a new letter to Roman Catholic leaders.

In an 86-page encyclical, according to Reuters, the Red Pope said the coronavirus pandemic proved the failure of free-market economics, such as the “trickle-down” theory.

It did? How does he figure that?

Francis wrote, “There were those who would have had us believe that freedom of the market was sufficient to keep everything secure.”

How were we supposed to stop the Chinese from letting the thing loose?

Francis denounced “this dogma of neo-liberal faith” that resorts to “the magic theories of ‘spillover’ or ‘trickle’ … as the only solution to societal problems”. A good economic policy, he said, “makes it possible for jobs to be created and not cut”.

He said the 2008 financial crisis produced “increased freedom for the truly powerful, who always find a way to escape unscathed”. Society must confront “the destructive effects of the empire of money”.

Maybe he should give up all his wealth and jewels? He is sitting on gold and treasures — redistribute those!


The Pope also advocated the redistribution of wealth and denounced the absolute right of private property.

Then he must give up the Vatican and all that private property the Church owns.

“The right to private property can only be considered a secondary natural right, derived from the principle of the universal destination of created goods,” Francis said.

Even Jesus owned his own donkey.

The wealthy should “administer [their wealth] for the good of all,” Francis wrote. The pope also said he believes “that if one person lacks what is necessary to live with dignity, it is because another person is detaining it.”

However, Francis claimed he was “certainly not proposing an authoritarian and abstract universalism.”

But, yes, he is.

The Red Pope needs to start worrying about all the unborn babies we’re murdering and his pedophile problem. As a Catholic, I completely denounce his encyclical and his communism.



  1. The first non-European pope in over 1000 years. A former bar bouncer from socialist South America and known communist sympathizer.
    Read earlier that China is editing the bible and I’m sure comrade pope is fine with that.

    Known Marxist friends and allies of comrade pope:

    Esther Careaga
    Carlos Mugica
    Hebe de Bonafini

  2. I’ve been to the Vatican. Don’t tell me the Pope doesn’t believe in private property! The value of the art, gold, treasures, and sculptures there can’t be measured. Plus, it’s estimated that the pope’s net worth is $25-28 million. Hypocrite!

    • Even this Marxist-Masonic, Judaeo-Protestant “bishop of Rome” has absolutely no claims whatsoever on the Vatican treasures. None. As for his “net worth,” you may want to “fact check” whoever made that claim or estimation. The Judaeo-Protestant cults and the Jack Chick fans actually believe the so-called “Monita Secreta” (i.e., “secret instructions”) which is, like the entire Reformation, a Fraud.

  3. Jesus always encouraged helping the needy.

    Extremist private property folks are basically Communists. In Communism, property is concentrated in the state; in extremist private property (like US), property is concentrated in the oligarchy. Either option is oppressive. When capitalism becomes monopolistic/duopolistic and the economy becomes concentrated in the hands of a few (who inherit their wealth), there is no freedom, liberty, or “private property’ (for the vast majority).

    A good example is El Salvador. A handful of families own all the land and everyone is their slave. Like feudalism. I guess the author of this article loved feudalism and slavery – after all, it’s all about “private property”.

    • Your reasoning is twisted. When capitalism becomes crony socialism aka crony corporatism, the wealth is concentrated in the few. That is what is happening.

    • Extremists such as yourself and the pope favor theft, violating a commandment and a human right. Conservatives favor helping the needy, not stealing. A free market has greatly expanded the quality of life and human rights, more than anything in history. Those posing as benefactors to the needy are usually theft advocators. We do not support enslavement, but we do not hang our heads in shame merely because some abuse the right to property.

    • all property belong to the state practically equals all property belong to a small group of Party Elites

    • don’t be naive ,don’t be too idealistic and imaginative,let’s be realistic and practical by reading the history of USSR and PRC and see how your ism worked out in the real world and how many millions of people it killed

  4. don’t be naive ,don’t too idealistic and imaginative,let’s be realistic and practical by reading the history of USSR and PRC and see how your ism worked out in the real world and how many millions of people it killed

  5. The only thing the POPE is not against is little boy asses for his pedophile priests ad bishops and cardinals!

  6. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, give to GOD what is GOD’s.

    Give back to satan all your stupid mfn satanic-communist **** right now, or he can come and take you and we’ll help push.

    The U.S.’s foreign, policy for at least the last 70 years has been to hunt communists and communism around the globe. We’re not going to waste all the blood, sweat, tears, treasure, and souls, that we’ve expended doing so on surrendering to those same aywholes, or their cheerleaders.

    Our domestic policy has followed suit, and we still have “The Communist Control Act of 1954” as good law, on the books, and that should only be amended to make it a capital crime.

    “Kill a commie for mommy” – Johnny Ramone.

  7. Francis is not a true Pope. The baptismal lineage of Francis does not lead to Peter, therefore can not be Pope.

  8. I don’t understand what this Pope Is thinking. All of our previous Popes rejected communism – and they banned liberation theology. We have had bad popes before and the religion survived. It will again. He should focus on the pedophiles and abortions,

  9. pope francis is JESUIT not catholic.
    St. Malachy’s prophecy of popes states that pope francis is the LAST POPE.
    The Bible says, pope francis will become the FALSE PROPHET under antichrist, and
    will head the ONE WORLD RELIGION under antichrist’s rule
    Believe the Bible ???
    Hundreds of prophecies in the Bible. 99% of them ACCURATELY FULFILLED. The Bible has PROVEN ITSELF.

  10. Sadly, this pope is a dope. At a time when the Catholic Church needs a true representative for Christ, we get a Marxist Anti-Christ. Sheesh. This cannot end well.

  11. The Old Testament has a section about not moving the stones that designated the corners of adjoining property. Hmmm? seems like property, with owners. Sorry, pope, back to kindergarten.

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