Rep. Johnson Warns of the Illegal Tuition Loan “Ruse”


Rep. Bill Johnson appeared on Fox Business to discuss the state of the economy including the student loan bailout/redistribution of wealth. He called it illegal, a “ruse” and a “cynical” effort to buy votes.

Thirteen states are considering taxing the tuition refunds.

Once that money pours into the economy, it will cause more inflation. It is a ruse, as he says.

This is happening as our energy prices rise. There has been temporary relief due to the release of our emergency reserves. That will end in October, right before the election.

He also addressed the dangerously low energy supplies. [We haven’t built a new refinery since the 1970s]. The NE won’t allow gas pipelines so if it’s a very cold winter, it will be bad.

The Left wants to go to alternative energy and electric cars that can’t possibly replace fossil fuels. Electric cars, solar, and windmills are dependent on China, a country “with some of the most evil people in the world.” China has control of the rare minerals in the world that are needed for battery technology. That’s a ruse too.

Biden hates at least half the country, calls them semi-fascists, whatever he thinks a fascist is. The name calling is also a ruse aimed at making people afraid to vote for “evil” Republicans.


In January, Rep. Johnson addressed the Bidenomics on Mornings with Maria.

“You have to wonder if President Biden is living in some kind of alternate reality, this is almost like a remake of that old movie ‘The Truman Show.’ You wonder who is telling the president that everything is OK because everything is not OK. The only accomplishment President Biden can take credit for is wrecking the greatest economy that Americans have had in 5 decades the lowest taxes, the lowest unemployment, more opportunities to pursue the American dream. And he has wrecked that in less than a year. And for him to tout that as some kind of accomplishment is mind-boggling to me.”

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