Rep Wilson finds Covid-19 is sexist and racist


Socialist Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson said the coronavirus pandemic is “gendered” since women are over-represented on the frontlines. She later tweeted it discriminates against “women of color.”

The Florida congresswoman represents some virus-distressed areas of South Florida and is spread this nonsense to her 75,000 followers.

The response is garnering far more negative comments than ‘likes.’

All the research shows that men are more likely to die than women. The studies show 56% of males have died from the illness.

Congress is pushing for yet another pork-laden rescue package, and she wants more socialism and freebies out of the fourth package for her voting bloc, doled out according to their gender and race.

The President is talking about a 4th package but he wants to fix roads and bridges with it. Democrats want more free stuff.

“Low-income moms of color are most likely to be their families’ breadwinner & at the same time, incredibly vulnerable to pay discrimination and the economic & health impacts of the #COVID19 crisis. Congress must center their needs in the 4th response package!, she tweeted.

As for her tweet that it’s affecting women of color, there is zero evidence for that. Most people, including Democrats, say the opposite.

Frederica isn’t normal, but she is conniving. Wilson is the woman who set up the President in a phone call to a Gold Star widow.

Wilson is famous for calling the former chief of staff John Kelly a racist after he suggested she was an “empty barrel.” The Florida congresswoman also wanted to prosecute people who insulted Congress.

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