Report China’s virus numbers are 0 because they don’t test


According to Apple Daily Hong Kong, a Japanese publication is reporting that the reason there are no new cases in China, particularly Wuhan, is because Wuhan stopped testing.

One caveat, however, the Japanese publication, Kyodo News, is based in Beijing and could be censored or controlled to some degree.

Hopefully, this report is not accurate. On the other hand, it is not the first report that the numbers out of China are fraudulent, and it doesn’t make sense that they went from hundreds a day to zero.

Doctors at the quarantine facility told Kyodo News that “the improvement in Wuhan was fraudulent.”

A doctor pointed out that in response to Mr. Xi, the number of patients on treatment was intentionally reduced in order to tout the success of the treatments. It is unusual for on-site doctors to make such charges in China, Kyodo reported.

The Chinese government announced on Wednesday that there were no new infections on Wednesday, but doctors affirmed that the government’s statistics were “unreliable.”



  1. I wouldn’t believe anything that they have to say. All communists are lying authoritarian scum.
    Kinda hard to test people who are no longer here.
    Maybe the King of Kings is throwing wrenches into the works of the globalist maggots and their fifth column of traitors in all governments and enemedia.

  2. No surprise there. They’ve lied and will continue to do so, as much of our media look the other way, and attack our president. It’s disgusting.

  3. At this stage of the game…anyone that swallows the 0 rate also believes in the “Tooth Fairy”…which apparently the entire Main Sewer Stream Fake Media have been wont to for the last forty plus years…

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