Report Confirms Liz Cheney’s Corruption in Handling of J6


This week, we heard that three days before the J6 riot/rally, Liz Cheney orchestrated the letter from ten living Pentagon chiefs who said the time for contesting the election “has passed,” and the military [National Guard included] can’t be involved. On J6, the Acting Secretary of Defense Miller wouldn’t send the National Guard for hours.

Cheney hid exculpatory evidence that showed Donald Trump did request the National Guard. Cheney keeps saying he didn’t order them up, but the President can’t do that, and she knows it.

Now we have Barry Loudermilk’s report confirming her deceit and manipulation. She needs to face justice for what she has done. Maybe she will skate, but that would be an injustice.


Rep. Barry Loudermilk’s report on the J6 panel is devastating if people pay attention. Cheney surprised her own J6 committee with Cassidy Hutchinson’s invented story about what happened in the presidential SUV on Jan. 6.

They had no idea Cheney was going to bring the dishonest Hutchinson to the hearing until the last minute.

From the report

“The other seven members of the Select Committee were not told who the witness would be or even the subject of the hearing until the morning of June 28, 2022.”

Chairperson Thompson said he and the other members of the Select Committee “were shown Hutchinson’s fourth transcribed interview testimony for the first time is a SCIF just hours before the hearing was scheduled to begin.”

Liz Cheney sat in an interview with a Secret Service driver who denied the story that Trump tried to commandeer a presidential limo on Jan. 6 but did not include it in the final report.

Cheney brought the lying scoundrel Hutchinson back to the committee to claim “that she actually recalled hearing there were ‘knives, guns in the forms of pistols and rifles, bear spray, body armor, spears, and flagpoles’ in the crowd on the morning of January 6, thereby amending her first three transcribed interviews to be consistent with her new testimony in her fourth transcribed interview.'”

Did Cheney put her up to it?

White House employees did not back up the Hutchinson testimony.

“The testimony of these four White House employees directly contradicts claims made by Cassidy Hutchinson and by the Select Committee in the Final Report.”

No one corroborated her story about President Trump lunging for the steering wheel of the Beast.

In a previous article, we reported Sean Davis’s summary on X, which bears repeating.

“Liz Cheney ran an op to prevent Trump from doing anything to secure the Capitol, and then went and impeached him and tried to have him thrown in prison, claiming he failed to secure the Capitol (in reality, he wanted thousands of troops, but Pelosi and the corrupt D.C. mayor refused).”

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