Report: Department of Defense Might Be Doctoring Soldiers’ COV Data


During Senator Ron Johnson’s Senate panel Monday with 15 medical experts, questions arose about allegations that the Defense Department manipulated COVID data to show lower side-effects in U.S. troops.

Big Pharma, Biden’s adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla were invited but did not respond to the invitation.

During the hearing, attorney Thomas Renz, representing three Defense Department officials, said the actual data showed, among other findings, a 300% increase in miscarriages, a 300% increase in cancer, and a whopping 1,000% increase in neurological disease in U.S. military.

He called for a complete investigation by General Austin but that won’t happen of course.

Johnson called on the Defense Department to preserve all documents associated with the vaccinations, as his office conducts a whistleblower investigation.

He said that it “appears to be doctoring of the data.”

The five-hour panel discussion can be watched on this link. Go to about 5:11:00 for the discussion on the DoD.

The panelists, who have very impressive credentials, all had important information to share.

One panelist, Dr. Paul Marik said he was forced from his hospital for not following Fauci’s National Institutes of Health protocols.

“Hospitals,” he said, “are dangerous places for sick people.” He said he had to watch his patients die without receiving treatments that could have helped them.

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conspiratorial minds want to know
conspiratorial minds want to know
2 years ago

Keep them weak for the cakewalk by CCP fellow traveler comrades?