Report: Trudeau Asked GoFundMe to Seize the Truckers $9 Million


Author and TV host, Ezra Levant said Justin Trudeau asked GoFundMe to seize the $9 million from the Canadian truckers in the Freedom Convoy 2022.

That money was meant to fund their expenses during the protest.

If donors don’t fill out the form to request a refund, GoFundMe will give it to charity. As a leftist site, they will give it to Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, et cetera, as Levant predicts in the tweet below.

Get your refund by filling out the form on this link by February 19 if you donated.

Donations can now be sent to GiveSendGo. The site keeps going down because of the heavy traffic, but it comes back up eventually. The donations were coming in quickly and in large amounts. People are fed up. There were donations from the US and Europe, not just from Canada.

If you can’t get on, tomorrow will likely work. GiveSendGo is on this link. A number of people who donated said they gave to GoFundMe and were giving again, only they’re doubling the donation this time around.

The fact that Trudeau asked, if Levant is correct, makes this all the more deplorable.

Look at how GoFundMe treats the Left:

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