Reportedly Newsmax Makes a Mega Offer to Tucker


Allegedly, conservative-leaning Newsmax is very interested in hiring Tucker Carlson for his own primetime show on their network, but it doesn’t stop there. They will allow him to program the entire channel, per TMZ.

That would give the former Fox News host enormous power. He’d decide the shows before and after his. He’d rebrand the channel.

It’s a move that would present a threat to Fox News. Most don’t think Newsmax could afford to match Tucker’s former salary.  Daniel Frankel said salary offers range from $8 million a year to over $40 million.

Anti-Right, Frankel wrote:

From Glen Beck to Bill O’Reilly to Megyn Kelly to Carlson, Fox chief Rupert Murdoch is said to be wary of hosts who think they’re bigger than the Fox News brand. But in the case of Carlson — at this point of inflection — he just might be. (The New York Times published a compelling column Saturday suggesting why Carlson just might be the first host to actually transcend the Fox News transom at this particularly dangerous moment in the American democratic experiment.)

Tucker Carlson is still under contract with Fox News and can’t engage in formal discussions with other networks.

Ruddy hasn’t responded to the claim. Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy issued a statement after Carlson’s removal criticizing the move by its rival Fox, but didn’t offer a public invitation.

Fox has suffered a disastrous ratings week after the unprofessional firing of their top host. Newsmax’s Eric Bolling picked up several hundred thousand viewers as Fox viewers looked around for another place to go.

The ‘firing’ wasn’t a firing. He still works for the network. They are keeping him hostage until they make a deal, perhaps longer.

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