Woke Delta CEO smeared Georgia with lies about the voter integrity act


As we reported earlier, Delta CEO Ed Bastion disapproves of Georgia’s new Voter Integrity Act. He wrote a letter to all of his employees saying, “the final bill is unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values.” He then proceeded to lie about the bill, smearing the state.

Bastion won’t even let anyone into his shareholder meetings without photo ID. So, obviously he is suppressing the minority vote.

Why is an airline politicizing a reasonable law? Bastion is getting torn apart on both sides of the political aisle so why doesn’t he shut up and just fly people around?

Bastion is very dishonest. Governor Kemp worked with the airlines on the bill, including Delta, and Delta never raised a single objection. They probably didn’t because there is absolutely nothing wrong with the bill.

It wasn’t passed over complaints of voter fraud as Bastion says in his letter. It came about to make people feel secure that the election, even with an increase in absentee balloting, will protect their vote.

Asking for photo I.D. also seems to be a sticking point since Democrats and Mr. Bastion think minorities are too stupid to get an I.D.

That makes Delta racist.


What is really going on is Black Lives Matter affiliates are pressuring him. They don’t want any restrictions whatsoever on voting.

According to Byron York’s newsflash at The Washington Examiner, the CEO is now getting slammed by those in support of the bill.

Senator Wicker, for one, blasted him.

This is exactly right,” responded Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton in another tweet. “CEO folded under pressure and smeared the state of Georgia with lies about Georgia’s election bill.”

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio spoke to the company directly, at least through Twitter: “Dear Delta, You are business partners with the Communist Party of China. When can we expect your letter saying that their ongoing genocide in #Xinjiang is ‘unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values’???” On Wednesday morning, Rubio posted a video in which he said of Delta’s CEO and other woke corporate leaders, “They’re hypocrites — complete and total hypocrites.”

On Wednesday night, President Biden said he would “strongly support” moving the baseball All-Star game set for July 13 in Atlanta. “This is Jim Crow on steroids, what they’re doing in Georgia,” Biden said. The president has consistently mis-stated what is in the Georgia law. As Karl Rove outlines here, Biden has leveled three specific accusations against the law, and all three are false.

Maybe they should just move their operations to China. The Maoists over there undoubtedly have his ear. He can take the NBA with him.

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