Reports of Shouting & Shrieking in Epstein’s Cell the Day He Died


Possibly On the morning of Jeffrey Epstein’s death, there was shouting and shrieking from his jail cell, a source familiar with the situation told CBS News. Corrections officers attempted to revive him while saying “breath, Epstein, breathe.”

If that’s true, it’s not clear who was shouting. The Daily Mail said it was the prison guards.

They were seeing their careers pass before them. Epstein was supposed to be checked every 30 minutes, and they hadn’t checked him at all.

But NBC News reported that the lawyer for Nicholas Tartaglione, an ex-Westchester cop who faces the death penalty in a quadruple homicide, said Epstein’s death was a “silent act.”

“Nobody heard anything. It was a silent act,” attorney Bruce Barket told NBC News.

Tartaglione said no one heard anything the morning of his first attempt either. He also denies having any involvement in his death.

On Friday, his cellmate, who reportedly saved his life after the first attempted suicide (allegedly), was moved out into a cell nearby. The cellmate, a hulking ex-cop is accused of killing four men, is said to have frightened Epstein. That could have been manipulation on Epstein’s part to empty out his cell. Epstein was alone in the cell.

New reports say the cellmate posted bail.

Originally, it was reported that they found Epstein in cardiac arrest at 6:38 am. Now reports say he was cold to the touch when they found him and might have been dead for hours.

One of the guards was on his fifth consecutive overtime and the other was from a different department. There is evidence they are overworked and not doing their jobs.

The two guards on duty have been put on leave. The warden has been temporarily reassigned.

Cameras are in the halls but do not point into the cells. They will, however, show who entered the cell and when.

He had been taken off suicide watch, allegedly at the request of the lawyers, six days before.

Epstein allegedly told guards and others that he was afraid someone was trying to kill him, but with a man like this, he could have been just messing with people. His last dagger perhaps. He was an evasive amoral individual who manipulated people.

As for him appearing to be in good spirits, that would not be unusual for someone who’s happy at having made the decision to end his life.


Pedophile Epstein told prominent New York Times columnist James Stewart that he had dirt on many very powerful people, including the tech oligarchs.

Mr. Stewart visited Epstein at his Manhattan mansion last August where he bragged about knowing an “astonishing number of rich, famous and powerful people.”

“He had the photos to prove it,” Stewart wrote, adding that Epstein claimed to have very damaging and embarrassing information on some very prominent names in the tech industry, although he didn’t drop any specific names.

Stewart recalls seeing a picture of Epstein with former President Bill Clinton on a table covered with several framed photographs.

Photos are meaningless. A lot of what he says is exaggerated to make himself more important and powerful than he actually is. There is evidence, however, that some rich and powerful people were involved in his operation in some way. According to him, Silicon Valley were involved in sex and drugs.

“He said people in Silicon Valley had a reputation for being geeky workaholics, but that was far from the truth: They were hedonistic and regular users of recreational drugs. He said he’d witnessed prominent tech figures taking drugs and arranging for sex (Mr. Epstein stressed that he never drank or used drugs of any kind),” Stewart wrote.

Epstein called Stewart earlier this year and was apparently ready to disclose more details about his life, Stewart wrote.

“Then early this year Mr. Epstein called to ask if I’d be interested in writing his biography. He sounded almost plaintive. I sensed that what he really wanted was companionship. As his biographer, I’d have no choice but to spend hours listening to his saga. Already leery of any further ties to him, I was relieved I could say that I was already busy with another book,” Stewart wrote.

None of that would be surprising but who knows.

There is no question Epstein was a sex trafficker and there are many questions about how he obtained his money. His personal lawyers have hired defense attorneys.

Attorney General Bill Barr is “livid” over this and promised to get to the bottom of it.

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