RFK Endorses AOC’s Green New Deal, Calls for Climate Taxation


“What do you think of AOC’s Green New Deal? What do you think about that?” the reporter asked RFK Jr.

RFK responded that he wanted market-based solutions like TAXATION.

“I, you know, I agree new deal; I think the Green Deal is, all that stuff is important, it’s good. We ought to be something, but my approach is more market-based than kind of top-down dictates, you know? I believe that we should use market mechanisms like carbon taxes and, you know, and the elimination of subsidies, and I think that those things outward transition our economy.”

We’re taxed enough, and he can keep the transition.


Taxation isn’t market-based. It’s top-down theft. As for AOC’s Green New Deal, it is not good.

AOC’s Green New Deal bans affordable energy, nuclear power, and most cars we see on the roads, tears down and rebuilds all buildings, air travel will be gone, and everyone gets paid, even for nothing. That should save the earth.

As for the buildings, it would mean rebuilding or retrofitting more than 39,000 buildings a day for ten years.

It’s more than apocalyptic. It will allow China to take us over when AOC’s vision is complete. It makes us wholly reliant on China for parts as we electrify everything.

Read the outline of AOC’s Green New Deal below in only six pages. It’s in the congressional record. You can also find it here. It’s insane. Democrats have crossed the Rubicon, and we have to give up on them.

Green New Deal FAQ by Maura on Scribd

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