RFK Jr Tells the Truth About the Ukraine War


Robert F. Kennedy Jr is going to be called a Putin puppet, but he is telling the truth. Americans have been snookered into war. He highlighted Republicans who were warmongering, but both parties pushed for the war in 2014 and in 2022.

In the video below, he explains that Russians repeatedly tried to settle the disagreement with very agreeable terms. Robert Kennedy points out the role BlackRock plays in war — they want to buy up Ukraine’s farmland and hold the contract to rebuild Ukraine.

While he mentioned McConnell several times, he left out Schumer and Pelosi, who enthusiastically signed up for this. [the Uniparty]

RFK blames the companies, particularly BlackRock, for profiting from what he labeled a money laundering scheme. Additionally, US companies owned by BlackRock are buying up precious Ukraine farmland. Biden also gave BlackRock the contract to rebuild Ukraine.

[Democrats were in complete control when they went into a proxy war with Russia in 2022, with some enthusiastic Republican support.]

Russia waited over seven years for Minsk II, and the US finally admitted they would not implement Minsk II. Germany and France admitted they tricked Putin by signing Minsk II to give Ukraine time to build its army. They admitted they never intended to implement it when they agreed to it years before. The US and other nations in NATO called for Ukraine to join NATO and the EU. That was Putin’s red line.

Putin asked if the US would like Russia on its border with Mexico.

RFK explained that they succeed by keeping us at each other’s throats. They keep us hating on each other.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
18 days ago

Over 100 years ago when Standard oil became too big, too powerful, used dirty unfair tricks and was too predatory, the government did not like that and they eventually fought against it to reduce the power of Standard oil.

Now the government is doing the opposite. they are the ally , the accomplice of Blackrock who is a million times more powerful than Standard oil was.

I was never anti capitalism, but I have always been against liars, cheaters, crooks and psychopaths who do not care who they step on to attain success.

We have psychopaths in charge, they are bringing back the Feudal system of 1000 years ago, where a tiny group were filthy rich living in castles with gold on the walls, and the majority of the people were poor villagers who had to pay more and more tax every year or be thrown in prison.

The difference with the middle ages injustices is that today we have the main stream media hypnopthising the masses into believing the opposite of reality.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
18 days ago

The MIC (Military Industrial Complex) has been recognised as a problem in the USA for at least 65-70 years. In a sense there was protection from the PERCEIVED threat from the Soviet Union, but excluding Social Security the first $100 billion budget has $50 billion for “defense” spending. Already their was a recognition that their was a lot of ‘fat’ (graft) on the budget. Yet after the horrors of WW II and the Korean War people wanted to ‘feel safe’. The problem of course is expressed by the question: how much were the ‘external’ threats legitimate and how much were they hyped to ‘save jobs (in effect make some rich people richer)?
As to the Ukraine, a number of unsavory characters, both in the State Department, and private individuals like the Bidens were profiteering? We talk about Russian oligarchs, weren’t some Americans basically acting in the same fashion.
Throw in the people with socialist, or pink tendencies, and the confusing mess became incomprehensible for the average voter.