Rittenhouse Trial Judge Drops the Weapons Charge, Watch Live


Judge Bruce Schroeder on Monday morning dismissed a misdemeanor weapons charge against Kyle Rittenhouse before closing arguments today. Mr. Rittenhouse was facing a charge of possession of a dangerous weapon and a $10,000 fine and nine-month jail term.

There remains five felony counts and life sentence.

Kyle’s attorneys argued that Wisconsin’s statute had an exception, involving the barrel length of the rifle or shotgun, that could be read to clear Rittenhouse of the weapons charge.

Prosecutors conceded the fact.

The judge said the statute was poorly written and he has “big problems” with it, but dropped the charge in any case.

Is this case about protecting BLM, Antifa, and spreading fear of guns and anyone on the Right?

For some clear footage of the Rosenbaum shooting, check out these clips.

NTD Live:

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Josey Wales
Josey Wales
2 years ago

Soros and Soetoro are on it, Kenosha will be a smoking crater.
Open season and purging of Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen?
Come and get it CPUSA RATS.