Roger Stone’s judge calls out Tucker Carlson, sounds very menacing


Roger Stone’s judge, Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama-appointed judge, is angry with Tucker Carlson for comments he made on his show. She apparently didn’t like him calling the foreperson of Stone’s jury, Tameka Hart, an anti-Trump zealot.

Jackson was a bit threatening, claiming Tucker was harassing or intimidating Hart. All he did was describe her vicious tweets before she became a juror. It’s especially concerning since Hart appeared to have lied on her questionnaire over exactly that.

It sounds like the Judge is trying to silence Tucker the same way she has silenced Roger Stone by taking his First Amendment rights away.

Why is she doing this? There is no reason for it. Tameka put herself out there and she is a public person. She ran for Congress. This case has political overtones and there needs to be a mistrial with a new judge.

This is what he said that she objected to:

The Judge then put the monkey on the defense lawyer’s backs since they didn’t google the jurors. That’s a good point, but how does it exonerate her or make this a fair, impartial trial.

It’s interesting she didn’t take exception to Tucker calling her out for lying in court.

She claimed that Stone was convicted of covering up for Trump. That is not true. He was convicted of lying and witness tampering/obstruction. Tucker brought it up and said she should be impeached.

Jackson appears to have politicized this case.


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