Russia Cuts Off Finland Electricity Since They Didn’t Get Paid


Russia will halt the power supply to Finland on Saturday. According to Reuters, Russian utility Inter RAO will suspend the power supply to Finland due to non-payment since May 6th.

The Finnish President and Prime Minister announced they will apply to NATO right away. Turkey doesn’t want them. Turkey, however, has torn loyalties.

“We are forced to suspend the electricity import starting from May 14,” said RAO Nordic, a Finland-based subsidiary of Russia’s Inter RAO, adding that it “is not able to make payments for the imported electricity from Russia.” They want to get paid in rubles.

Fingrid said “There is no threat to the adequacy of electricity in Finland,” noting that power from Russia accounted for only 10% of Finland’s total consumption.

The Finnish grid company said it can replace the Russian electricity supply by importing more electricity from Sweden.

Sweden and Finland are both looking to join NATO.


Reuters reported that Russia will stop exporting electricity to Finland beginning today at 2200. It’s only for “the time being” the Russians say until they can get paid.

“There is no threat to the adequacy of electricity in Finland,” the grid said. The power from Russia accounted for some 10% of Finland’s total power consumption.

They can also replace some of it with “domestic production” or with imports from Sweden.

Russia promised retaliation against Finland, but this probably isn’t it.

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