Kathy Barnette Soars in the PA Polls – People Believe She’s Sincere


Mrs. Barnette is soaring in the Pennsylvania polls because of the views she expresses and the charming, forceful way she expresses them but the question is if she is sincere. We think she is. She’s running for the Senate against millions of dollars and powerful politicos. One thing is certain, she is not an establishment operative and appears very sincere. She is from Pennsylvania. The two top runners are not.

We posted a video by Greg Kelly of Newsmax about Kathy Barnette, but it looks like he could be wrong. Mr. Kelly is very concerned about her sincerity, suggesting she’s not who she says she is.

When she was younger, she sounded a bit WOKE and she has also talked about systemic racism. We believe systemic racism is a concept manufactured by the white WOKEs who use black Americans to push the country further left. However, there certainly is a problem with racism.

One of the questions Greg Kelly had with her was her military record as written on her website. While her service wasn’t ten years as she said, it’s close – it’s 8. She rounded up?

Breitbart News queried the Army for a service record, and National Guard spokesman Kurt Rauschenberg responded on Tuesday:

Kathy J. Barnett served in the Alabama Army National Guard from September 1993 to March 1998. Her primary military occupational specialty was 63S, Heavy-Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, and she attained the rank of Specialist. Her last unit with the ARNG was the 778th Maintenance Company, Alabama Army National Guard.

On Wednesday afternoon, Barnette released three pages of military records to several reporters. The records appeared to show that Barnette joined the Army National Guard as an administrative specialist in 1990.

The records say she obtained the rank of E-4 two years later on August 8, 1992, and began serving with the Alabama Army National Guard on September 24, 1993, where she served for four years and two months. The forms say she was honorably discharged on December 5, 1997, and that her official Expiration Term of Service (ETS), or contract with the Alabama Army National Guard, officially expired on April 24, 1998.

On her website, she wrote that she served in the Armed Forces Reserves and there isn’t a branch by that name. One of my readers said she’s new to this and it’s common for newbies to word the website poorly. Fair enough.


Donald Trump has a problem with her in that he doesn’t think she can win in a general election. However, Dr. Oz’s unfavorables are high and he is a risk in a general election. We just watched Alex Mooney – slated not to win – take his district by 19%. Donald Trump says David McCormick is a McConnell operative. If a sincere MAGA lady has a chance, she has one now.

J.D. Rucker posted an article about her, criticizing Hannity for trying to cancel her and he made some great points.

Mr. Rucker notes that one of the lies going around is that she lied about her university position That’s debunked. She was sincere about that.

You can watch her interview here and decide if she’s sincere and electable in a general election. It’s up to Pennsylvania voters and we don’t know what people should do. However, I would be very disappointed if she isn’t who she says she is. We like her.

We usually don’t weigh in on primaries.

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