Sanders claims Trump only wants the rich to get the non-existent vaccine, uh, no


President Trump said the Coronavirus vaccine will be expensive. He didn’t say people who couldn’t afford it won’t get it, although Bernie claims he did. It will be similar to what we have now with pharmacists giving the flu vaccine for free or on a sliding scale. As a result of the flu vaccine costing companies a lot of money to make, few companies will even produce the drug.

Bernie Sanders turned the President saying the drug will be costly into only the rich will get the vaccine. Sanders knows he’s lying, but he says it anyway.

On the eve of Michigan’s primary election, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders halted his campaign to host a public health roundtable at the Westin Hotel at Detroit Metro Airport, focusing on Coronavirus.

“When you have a global infectious crisis, which is endangering people all over the world, the people of the United States and, in fact, the people of the world look to the United States and want to know that we have an administration in this country whose decisions and comments are based on science, not based on tweets that have no scientific basis, not based on politics, not based on policies that protect the wealthy and the powerful,” he said.

“Does anybody in their right mind believe that if you’re rich, you should be able to afford a vaccine and save your life, and the poor have got to die?” Sanders asked. “Is that really where we’re at in the United States of America?”


Only yesterday, the President worked out a deal with the big health insurers to make it free for the needy and expand benefits to those treated for Coronavirus.

People who can afford to pay should pay because the industry won’t make the drugs and the vaccines if they don’t get paid. The government doesn’t have any money, only the money they take in taxes or downright steal from Americans.

People will buy boats, luxuries, planes, but they don’t want to pay for their healthcare.

It is easy to be a socialist. You only need to know the word “free.” There are many people in America right now who will give away all of our freedoms so Big Brother can give them free stuff at the expense of people they envy.

As a socialist, you merely need to say “free.” Who should pay to house you? Who should pay for your healthcare and your abortions? Who should pay for as much education as you desire and for your kid’s childcare? Who should pay for the vaccines yet to exist? Who should pay for your car, your Obamaphone, and your broadband? Who should pay to feed you if you don’t feel like working? The answer to all those questions, socialists say, is FREE.

It is Chuck Schumer who didn’t live up to his socialist values. That is who Bernie should condemn.

Schumer boasted of cutting money for the Swine flu which I personally had and thought I would die from in 1976.

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