Scam Alert! Zelenskyy Demands $750bn – 10% for the Big Guy?


Speaking at a European conference this week, Ukraine’s prime minister Denys Shmyhal said [NWO] Ukraine will need at least $750 billion in cold hard cash to rebuild as they lose half the country to Russia. He wants $65 billion right now.

Did you catch the “at least” in that sentence?

The West and the US, in particular, will foot that bill.

Look who is footing the bill

Speaking by video link to a high-level conference in Lugano, Switzerland Volodymyr Zelenskyy admitted the task ahead was colossal. He said Russia is trying to destroy his country’s physical and moral fabric.

The process of recovery, he said, is being led by a Ukrainian national recovery council that would allow his country to deepen its links with Europe.

Zelenskyy is a snake oil salesman.

The Prime Minister said, “Right after the war is over and Ukraine achieves victory, we need to implement thousands of rebuilding projects.” That is bunk. They are continuing to rack up losses on the battlefield.

So, that’s the deal, the US adopts him and gives him as much money as Obama spent on the US recovery. For that, he will grow closer to NWO Europe.

The US already spent tens of billions on Ukraine and sent $800 million recently. Biden plans to send another $800 million.

Over a hundred billion dollars is already allocated to Ukraine, our 51st state.

Ukraine is a very corrupt nation and we adopted them. We have to keep funneling money to them to keep them afloat forever. And Zelenskyy’s greed knows no bounds.


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