Schumer Pushes Vote on Election Laws to Weaken Conservative States


On Thursday, Chuck Schumer announced there will be a debate and a vote on election laws next Wednesday.

“We cannot allow Conservative-controlled states to double down on their regressive and subversive voting bills,” Schumer said in a letter. “The Freedom to Vote Act is the legislation that will right the ship of our democracy and establish common sense national standards to give fair access to our democracy to all Americans.”

The New York Times reported:

In his letter, Mr. Schumer said that Democrats would also continue their internal negotiations to come up with a final version of a sweeping social safety net bill that has been slowed by differences between progressives and moderates over its cost and contents. He warned that lawmakers would need to make concessions to get a final measure.

“To pass meaningful legislation, we must put aside our differences and find the common ground within our party,” Schumer said. “As with any bill of such historic proportions, not every member will get everything he or she wants.”

Schumer said Senator Joe Manchin is part of the process, although he is still against breaking the filibuster.

“Senator Manchin has been engaged in conversations with our Republicans colleagues in hopes of advancing solutions on a bipartisan basis to ensure all Americans have their voice heard in our democracy,” Schumer wrote.

The Freedom to Vote Act, “which would expand voter access and boost election integrity, would make Election Day a public holiday, require same-day registration at all polling locations by 2024 and ensure at least 15 days of early voting for federal elections,” according to NBC News.

The text of the bill says that it is “[t]o expand Americans’ access to the ballot box and reduce the influence of big money in politics, and for other purposes.”

This is another power grab, an authoritarian move to eliminate all Republicans from any power and any voice. Mostly, it’s a federalization of elections. They want all power in the swamp in DC. If you don’t believe it, examine what they have put forward so far — The John Lewis Voting Rights Act and HR1/S1.

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