States, Cities, Counties Taking COV $$ Have to Obey Executive Orders, But It’s Much Worse Than That


The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, includes COV relief funds or “Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Funds.” That money is doled out to states, cities, counties. They then use the money to award contracts to local contractors.

This money comes with conditions, however. The “Recipient also agrees to comply with all other applicable federal statutes, regulations, and executive orders, and Recipient shall provide for such compliance by other parties in any agreements it enters into with other parties relating to this award.”

The executive orders include the COV vaccine mandate. Not only does it apply to any one who takes their COV funds [our tax money], but it applies to anyone they deal with.

That is an enormous number of people and it is a very authoritarian move. Does anyone really believe this is about our health? Are these people the kind of people who give a hoot about any of us?

These funds, as Natural News writes, can destroy thriving businesses.

They can put in COV-obedient businesses with huge sums of taxpayer dollars. It can go a long way to destroying non-compliant – disobedient – businesses.

This is the Terms and Conditions document:

Terms and Conditions for COV funds on Scribd

The communists are taking over our economy, and anyone who takes any of this money is a slave to their mandates, no matter what they come up with. It’s extreme authoritarianism.

According to Texas Right to Know, Texas is about to distribute $16 billion in funds. This isn’t really coming from Biden. He truly is a figurehead.

Check out this clip. It’s so obvious this man is reading from a teleprompter and doesn’t know what he’s saying. He can’t ad lib a thing. He isn’t running anything. The Obama and Soros people, the Marxist hipsters trotting around the Oval Office are running things and backing them are others tied to The Great Reset.

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