Left calls for 300k contact tracers to reopen, privacy will be protected, sort of


Americans have given up basic liberties for a promise of safety without any evidence it will work. In fact, WHO conducted a study in 2019 saying social distancing does not warrant the trade-off. JP Morgan recently compiled data showing the virus appears to have its own dynamics unrelated to social distancing.

Officials told us the lockdowns would only be for two weeks, then four, and only until we flattened the curve. It has been two months and now we must wait until there are no deaths and contact tracing is in place. The left does not want to give lockdowns up and has this new excuse.

The left wants to know all about you, track you, and they promise not to reveal your private information. It’s for the common good.


The left wants 300,000 contact tracers for the common good. That will be 300,000 new unionized government jobs, according to the AP. It would involve weeks of contact with a contact tracer who acts as interrogator, therapist, nurse to control a roadmap of who the infected people are and who they had contact with. If you are in contact with someone who had it, they could monitor you.

That 300,000 number is six times that of TSA agents.


The tracing training program at Johns Hopkins requires tracers to give up all their medical information and any COVID information can be shared publicly. The basis for this is it’s necessary for the public good. It’s the camel’s nose under the tent. They will track you and know all you’ve done.

Instead of the people determining the public good, the technocrats determine the public good.

This presents a grave danger to privacy.

Just like the 9/11 terror attack gave us FISA, TSA agents, the Patriot Act, and so on, it will become permanent. The information and technological tools can be weaponized.

Promises of privacy are worthless. Tracking technology can have a terrible effect on freedom and freedom of expression. We have seen that already.

In Carpenter v. US, the court wrote, “Detailed travel and location data provides an intimate window into a person’s life, revealing not only his particular movements, but through them his ‘familial, political, professional, religious, and sexual associations.'”

If we allow this even temporarily, these people will never give up the power.

Here’s someone who knows the goal is to make this tracking permanent:

The previous article was taken from The Ingraham Angle last evening.



  1. If some schmuck shows at my door sticking their unwelcome nose into my private life they might lose the ability to walk away if they don’t leave voluntarily when told to.

  2. I don’t answer phone calls from unknown numbers now. What makes anyone think I will change for this interrogation?

  3. Quit carrying a phone. Or get one of the more recent flip legacy phones making a come back with no internet. Or get a phone that you can still remove the battery from.
    Also, take up this mask wearing non-sense and support it. It defeats facial recognition, which will be used in conjunction with contact tracing, they already pair your phone to such.

  4. Use cash at the store. Leave the phone at home. Don’t use a car with navigation.

    It worse than this; the interrogations like; “Prove you weren’t at Costco at 11AM on Monday”
    Constitution? That’s only for criminal offenses and this is….

  5. Doesn’t Trump have power to stop this monster!!
    I’m thinking he’s hesitant to overstep his authority but we need an EO right now!!
    Surely, some good patriot has a petition up on Change.org for signatures to the Prez.

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