Secret Service Agent Robbed During Biden’s California Trip


A Secret Service Agent was robbed at gunpoint during Biden’s California trip. This is an amazing metaphor for the crime Democrats are fostering.

The suspect robbed the off-duty agent at gunpoint at around 9:30 pm on Saturday. His bag was stolen, and some of his belongings were later found in the area.

Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesperson for the Secret Service, said in a statement that the off-duty agent was returning from a work assignment at the time and that he used his weapon during the encounter.

“The employee discharged their service weapon during the incident, but it is unknown if the assailants were struck. We are thankful that the employee did not sustain any injuries,” Guglielmi said, adding that an investigation was underway.

But don’t worry, crime is going down! It’s especially true when you don’t include the major cities in the FBI crime statistics.

This happened as Biden was mingling with the Hollywood cult, pouring money into his campaign to get him re-elected. Letting millions of illegal immigrants come in without vetting has been great for America. We didn’t have enough of our own criminals.

We should start cleaning things up by closing the border.

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