Secretary: In 6 Months, the Navy Won’t Be Able to Arm US and Ukraine


Navy Secretary Carlos del Toro is “concerned” that the US Navy won’t be able to arm itself and Ukraine within the next six months. He is urging contractors to boost production to meet the demand.

Congress has already approved $100 billion for Ukraine.

Someone made him walk it back:

He admitted there are “concerns” about America’s weapons supply as the US continues to arm Ukraine.

He said that if the conflict in Ukraine continues for the next six months, it will “stress the supply chain.”

Adm. Daryl Caudle also accused military contractors of using the pandemic as an excuse not to supply weapons on time.

Soledar Is Lost

In other news, in this war – we are allegedly winning – Soledar was “liberated” by the Wagner PMC – Russians. Even CNN knows it’s bad.

Despite the sustained, albeit slow, Russian advance, the Ukrainian authorities have chosen not to retreat at the cost of tremendous losses.

“I want to repeat that Soledar has been fully liberated and cleared of Ukrainian army units,” Prigozhin said in a statement on Wednesday evening. “The Ukrainian troops that refused to surrender have been destroyed.”

Prigozhin estimated that 500 Ukrainian troops died in the final stages of the fighting, after Wagner forces encircled them. That’s on top of others who perished previously.

Zelensky never gave them the okay to retreat insofar as we know.

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