Self-Defense Is Now Murder in Soros DA Bragg’s NYC – Update


Update: The bail was lowered and Mr. Alba is out of Rikers. His case will go before a grand jury.

As we discovered with the Kyle Rittenhouse case, the Left doesn’t believe in the right to self-defense according to where you are on the pecking order. Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan DA whose election was funded by George Soros, and doesn’t charge actual criminals, charged a bodega owner with murder for a self-defense killing.

Bodega owner Jose Alba was forced to kill a career criminal who was trying to kill him.

Jose Alba, a 51-year-old clerk in a Bronx bodega, is incarcerated in the infamous Riker’s Island jail.

Austin Simon has eight known arrests on charges including assault, domestic assault, and robbery. He was on parole after being jailed for attacking a cop. Now, he’s dead after manhandling and violently attacking Jose Alba.

The Story

It started with a woman trying to buy a bag of chips with her welfare food stamps card. There wasn’t enough money on the card so Alba took the chips back. The woman got angry, knocked things off the counter, and then went to get her boyfriend, career criminal Austin Simon.

Simon shoved Alba into a chair and screamed at him while hovering over him. Alba tried to pass Simon. Simon grabbed him, and that’s when Alba grabbed a knife to defend himself. The girlfriend attacked Alba with a knife she was carrying. The rest is out of the camera view but when it’s over, Alba has a deep cut on his arm.

Simon was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Bragg charged Alba with second-degree murder and made sure the bail was $250,000 which he can’t afford. Meanwhile, the girlfriend wasn’t charged for attacking Mr. Alba.

Soros DA Bragg is literally evil and New York City residents are living in an upside-down world. Bragg lets vicious criminals go and arrests the wrong people. That is evil and a horrendous miscarriage of justice.

What Mr. Alba did wrong is he killed one of the higher-order Democrats as did Kyle Rittenhouse. That is what it is really about. You can’t have the right to self-defense against liberals/leftists, especially if they are non-white.

There is a movement building, “Free Jose Alba”.

You can watch the altercation here:


“Outnumbered” co-host Kayleigh McEnany criticized the “sick, twisted” policies that led to a murder charge for New York City bodega worker Jose Alba, who stabbed and killed an attacker in self-defense. McEnany noted Thursday that Alba’s choice was apparently between his own life or serving time at Rikers Island.

“I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone,” Kayleigh McEnany began. “What kind of sick, twisted place are we sitting in here in the middle of New York City, where this man who is defending himself is put in jail? …

“Simon came back reportedly about 10 minutes later with a mission to confront this individual, as you point out, shoved him against a wall. As you point out, grabbed him on the back of the neck. And all he did was defend himself.

“Alba has no criminal history. He’s just a good, hardworking person who immigrated to this country and has been a law-abiding citizen.

His daughter said, “It was either him or the guy at the moment. He’s never hurt anybody. He’s never had an altercation where he had to defend himself. This is the first time for him.”

“So you have to make a choice between your life or going to Rikers Island, which we all know is a pretty brutal place. Thank goodness we live in a country that’s trial by jury. I hope these charges are dropped.”


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Around “Them” Never Relax
Around “Them” Never Relax
8 months ago

You know this case was effed when the girlfriend who initially tried to stab him wasn’t charged with anything.
In the eyes of the scummy libtard DAs “attempted murder” from anyone but a white male seems to be no big deal. Only when the issue escalated to someone having to defend themselves in a life or death scenario do these awful people step in with their bias.

8 months ago

Well its a damn good thing there was video of it, because it would have been spun George Floyd murder 2.0……….meanwhile we have this………..One of the two illegal aliens accused of plotting a mass shooting on the Fourth of July in Richmond, Virginia, has been given a mere $15,000 bail??????

8 months ago

NY S$itty . . Use to visit there. Never again.

8 months ago

Democrats are all about keeping you totally dependent on Government. In Blue States, letting the 1% of criminals run Amuck keeps 95% of The Sheeple in Check. That way the Democrats only have to deal with the 4% who stand up for their rights in a Big Blue City.

Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about this in Red States because 25% of The People are Armed everywhere they go and over 50% will defend homes and businesses at the drop of a hat. In a Red State, a Soros DA, will become target practice if they don’t prosecute career criminals which is why they don’t even run for office. In Red States, getting a conviction for self-defense is possible, but very, very rare.

It will only take a few DAs seeing Biblical Justice to stop Soros funded DAs. People like Soros won’t come to Red States without a battalion of security people for a reason. Country Folk don’t like tyrannical bastards with questionable allegiance to the United States of America. Let the Bastards live in their self imposed prisons in Big Blue Cities with feces covered streets. If they go too far a Government can always Drone them and say it was faulty intelligence.

The Rich Elite and their Pawns have ruined Billions of lives; they can’t hide forever! It only takes someone who is committed to stop them and unfortunately I don’t see a real Political Option on the table right now! I don’t see things ending well for the rich and powerful. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act pretty much ended the rein of the Robber Barons. I see a much more devastating fate for the World Economic Forum Elites. Robber Barons didn’t want to exterminate 95% of the World’s Population! It took the Panic of 1893 and the 1930s Depression to crush the Gilded Age. We had the Panic of 2008 and the coming Depression will once again reorder the Wealth of the World. The Financial Services manipulation of economies will come to an end leaving the Rich Elites on the Poor Farm!

John Vieira
8 months ago

The DA is the type of FILTH one can expect from these malevolent beings…