Sen Hawley responds to Chinese spy helping get Rep Swalwell elected


Yesterday, we reported the Axios investigation of China’s infiltration into the United States’ top levels of power and influence. The courageous reporters spent a year probing and came up with some stunning facts. One fact was Rep. Eric Swalwell was thoroughly involved with a Chinese spy, Christine Fang. He called her a close personal friend.

When Tucker Carlson called Swalwell’s office after the report came out to ask if he had an affair with her, they responded that they couldn’t answer the question — it’s classified.

This spy helped raise funds to get him elected.

So, while Swalwell was leveling false accusations against the President for non-existent Russian collusion, he was guilty of colluding with a Chinese spy.

Remember when he objected to President Trump’s stance against North Korea and told him to talk to our ally China? Doesn’t that take on a new perspective now?

How about when he wanted President Trump to work with China and Russia in our dealings with North Korea.

He was and is on the House Intelligence Committee.

Rep. McCarthy wants him removed:

The swamp doesn’t care., as Josh Hawley states in the clip below.

Watch in case you missed it:

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Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen
Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen
3 years ago

The Swamp=CCP except for Trump, Flynn, Miller.
Axios is usually left leaning, do they hear the pitchforks and torches?