Sen. McConnell Supports Biden Spending $100B on Wars


CBS’s “Face The Nation” asked Sen. Mitch McConnell if it was possible to pass more aid for Ukraine without aiding Israel. CBS noted that some Republicans want to cut aid to Ukraine.

“I just think that’s a mistake,” McConnell said. “I mean, I know there are some Republicans in the Senate, and maybe more in the House, saying Ukraine is somehow different. I view it as all interconnected.”

The wars are different. Biden also tried to conflate the two wars in his speech this week.

That is why the Republicans combined aid to Ukraine, Israel, and fake border security.

“No Americans are getting killed in Ukraine,” McConnell said. “We’re rebuilding our industrial base. The Ukrainians are destroying the army of one of our biggest rivals. I have a hard time finding anything wrong with that. I think it’s wonderful that they’re defending themselves and also the notion that the Europeans are not doing enough,” he said.

He’s using foreigners to die for a cause many Americans don’t believe in, while doing nothing to secure the border and protect the homeland.

While he said he disagrees with Biden on domestic issues, he agrees on the issues they discussed on Face the Nation.

McConnell doesn’t represent the people and is on board with the radical leftist Joe Biden. McConnell Republicans never discuss cutting spending.

Warmonger Mike McCaul also wants to combine the aid to keep aid for Ukraine going, and keeping anyone from objecting.

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