Senile Joe will save us from the virus


In March, The Washington Examiner listed 74 actions President Trump has taken to address the Coronavirus. Since then, he has done much more, especially in mobilizing all the government resources to get us a vaccine in record time.

Joe Biden and the Democrats, who only cared about impeachment at the virus’s onset, also banned all investigations into China’s role. It now appears the virus came from a bioweapons lab for which Dr. Fauci helped secure US grants. Democrats wouldn’t allow us to talk about China’s role.

The virus never acted like anything but a manufactured virus.

They then had the gall to blame President Trump for the deaths caused by the Chinese Communist Party virus from Wuhan.

Democrats and Biden did absolutely nothing to help Americans as the virus raged. In fact, they told us to all go mingle at Chinese New Year’s parties and restaurants. Fauci wanted us to go on cruises if we’re young.

Biden’s plan is for mask-wearing everywhere, and all the time. His plan is fairly secret, but he claims he will open schools, and union leaders will cooperate. Biden says they will hand out 100 million doses of the vaccine in 100 days. That is quite a lift. It’s also him taking credit for President Trump’s work to get us a vaccine at warp speed.

President Trump is getting the vaccines out but many of the blue state governors are incompetent. Just this week, de Blasio realized he has to set up a process and open up centers to dispense the vaccine. We also have a problem with at least one of the anti-Trump manufacturers.

Biden’s Inaugural Committee is asking people around the country to illuminate buildings and ring church bells at 5:30p ET on Jan. 19 “in a national moment of unity and remembrance” for those who have died of coronavirus. It’s another BS move to act like he’s doing something and President Trump didn’t. As for unity, he’s already shown there can be none.

Watch the Levin clip:


We better pray we keep the Senate.

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Dog Faced Pony Boy
Dog Faced Pony Boy
2 years ago

He won’t even be able to placate the Free Stuff Army and world leaders will laugh right to his face with no fear of even a dog faced pony soldier retort.
The Sunset Parade while the burn it all down brigades get their wish and then scratch their heads about what to do next as the lights are out and the slit trench starts to reek.
Those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it so plan accordingly for the dystopian global Soviet steaming pile of FAIL.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Don’t forget that Senile Joe a few months ago said he will cure cancer.