Seymour Hersh Gives More Details of the Nord Stream Attack- UPDATE


Update: Oliver Alexander said there is a fatal error. Every single Alta and Oksøy class ship in the Norwegian Navy was accounted for during the period when Seymour Hersh claimed one was used to plant the charges on the Nord Stream pipeline.

Summary here.

Original Story

Hersh also said that the CIA participants are “appalled that Biden decided to expose Europe to the cold in order to further a war he will not win.”

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published a report from an anonymous source accusing the Biden administration of blowing u Nord Stream pipelines with the help of Norway. He has given at least one other interview. This latest interview was at the Berliner.

Russia has called for a UN investigation, and Germany should be concerned since Nord Stream was their major fuel source.

The White House strongly denies the report. Many outlets are concerned that Hersh didn’t reveal his source, making his claims unverifiable. There are also inconsistencies in the report.

Seymour Hersh

Berlin publicist Fabian Scheidler spoke to Seymour Hersh for the Berliner Zeitung. In the article, Hersh explains that Denmark and Sweden were involved. He believes they knew what was going on, but maybe it was done in such a way as to allow plausible deniability.

Seymour said only six of eight bombs went off, making the operation partly successful. He gives details in the article. I’ll upload the translation later. As a result, active explosives remained on the seabed, which Sweden and Denmark cleaned up. They weren’t trying to investigate anything. According to the report, they were covering up and retrieving bombs.

Hersh said Biden planned to initiate the attack in June but was afraid and backed off. He changed his mind.

It appears from the report that some of those involved didn’t think they would blow it up but rather used it as a negotiating tactic. [That seems unrealistic or insane].

Hersh also said that the CIA participants are “appalled that Biden decided to expose Europe to the cold in order to further a war he will not win.”

What did they think? Biden has never shown any concern for anyone. He’s a liar and a consummate powermonger.

The Nord Stream attack is an open secret in security and government circles, but no one wants to suffer the consequences of what they’ve done.

We still don’t know what happened to Nord Stream 1, just Nord Stream 2.

Correction: Flight data appears to not confirm Hersh’s story about Norway dropping the triggers.

Hersh interview, Berliner

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1 year ago

I can’t come up with one reason that Russia would destroy the pipelines. I can come up with reasons for others, including the WEF Cult.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

“It appears from the report that some of those involved didn’t think they would blow it up but rather used it as a negotiating tactic. [That seems unrealistic or insane].”

I can understand their thinking, but as M. Dowling notes, it is insane.
1) As soon as the threat would have been posed the pipeline would have been crowded with all of the divers investigating it.
2) The people using the tactic would have immediately been attacked as murders for any who died during the winter because of a lack of fuel.

To often it seems a segment of American politicians do absolutely stupid things and are surprised when others see thing from a different perspective.
We put missiles in Europe tat threaten Russian territory. It’s okay because we are good guys and they are only there as a deterrent. Russia does the same in Cuba in 1962 but that is not okay because they are bad guys and those could be first strike weapons. But stop and think, how would it be viewed from the other side. We don’t trust the Americans, they are the bad guys….

Now throw in the comments of Merkel who confessed she deliberately mislead Putin…

And just to throw in one more –
If commentators on this site became unreasonable in their treatment of others and acted like the people at the Daily Kos (don’t know it, check it out) how credible would that make this site seem to be.

Let us be sure we speak the truth with love.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The ratio of 6/8 bombs which went off is the same ratio as 3/4 pipelines destroyed.

We are appalled by the CIA instigation of this very dangerous and easily avoidable war.

The results of the action all seem to be the opposite of the apparent US expectations. Denying Europe energy it could need to wage war is a bad military strategy. Europe is still taking Russia energy. Sanctions and other economic factors have given Russia increases in revenue. Blowing up the pipelines is consistent with the goal of the left and globalists to deprive us of energy. It was a reckless, improper action, but in modern USA that is the standard.

Irritable Bill
Irritable Bill
1 year ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Very good comments….I would like to add that these attacks were either known about by Germany…or not…which is it? …The German Gov is either complicit with an act of war against Russia, or is the target of an international terrorist attack by The USA, Britain and Norway…so, I ask again, which is it?
This is the question you should all be asking…!.Cause this will result in German deaths and de-industrialization…and…I for one couldn’t care less.
I’ve long had it with the Master Race, and here they are again goosestepping to the latest vogue in socialism and forcing their will on other people, otherwise peaceful people…”improper” is laughable as a way to describe this major terrorist attack on Russian infrastructure, “insane” is absolutely the correct term for these people and as they have learned nothing after two world wars and are again throwing their vile weight around seeking world dominance…maybe we need to give them a lesson they will; never forget? And maybe Russia is just the nation to hand it out to em….
Any Germans out there want to comment? No? Didn’t think so…..