Sky News reports Biden’s “cognitive issues can no longer be ignored”


Last night, Joe Biden appeared in his first Facebook Live Town Hall. He was talking into a phone which was weird, and couldn’t remember when the election was. He said it was two years, one year, and finally settled on November. At one point, he started to wander away from the cameras and his team appeared to cover it up with a photo. Joe told the audience they had technical problems, and they did appear to have some. However, Joe is obviously mentally problematic for Democrats.

Sky News Australia reporter Rita Panahi reviewed on-air his many so-called gaffes that are more indicative of someone going senile. She did so HONESTLY. That is amazing. She talked about his mental decline that was evident for years, referencing incidents like the Corn Pop speech in 2016. She explained that Biden lied about Trump and his own comments, and noted that Democrats can’t continue gaslighting the American public.

“No matter how hard the Democrats and their allies in the media try, Biden’s cognitive issues can no longer be ignored.”

“There is simply too much footage of these.”

“Charlie Sheen levels of confusion to gaslight the American public. Biden has appeared frail, perplexed and just odd on too many public occasions. So much so that his campaign workers have been accused of elder abuse,” she said.


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