Sleepy Joe can’t use note cards or keep up but Dr. Jill is close by


Our substitute president Jill Biden prepared mightily for her summit with the G7, who apparently won’t like us for years to come, according to activist propagandist Yamiche. We must do much more to kiss up if we want their approval.

The globalists like Boris Johnson find him to be a “breath of fresh air.” That, of course, is for public consumption. Who knows what he really thinks of the doddering guy with dementia.

Pathetic G7 losers

According to a White House official speaking with Human Events, a Labour Party [leftists] member said, “At least Trump was attentive. This is all so new for him, hard to keep up with everything. Notecards have proven completely useless. You don’t want to even know what Tory leadership is saying.”

It’s good fake doctor Jill is there to run things for Sleepy Joe:

If you really like PBS propaganda — we all have to financially support — you will be glued to these clips:

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Right Turn Clyde
Right Turn Clyde
2 years ago

Get those fishnets out again and those F’ me pumps.

2 years ago

Prepping for the G7; now we know that the Country is being run by an un-elected Crazy Liberal Wife of a President. How dare the woman sit in that chair! And what document’s was she reading? She may have a security clearance, but even the President’s Wife doesn’t have a need to know!