Soros DA Bragg: “We can not…normalize serious criminal conduct”


Soros District Attorney Alvin Bragg – who ignores serious criminal cases brought to him and pleads down felonies – said he can’t “normalize serious criminal conduct.” He was referencing documents Donald Trump signed surrounding hush money paid to a prostitute, possibly two prostitutes.

“34 false statements made to cover up other crimes,” he said. “These are felony crimes in New York state, no matter who are.”

“We can not and will not normalize serious criminal conduct. The defendant repeatedly made false statements on New York business records. He also caused others to make false statements. The defendant claimed he was paying Michael Cohen for legal services performed in 2017. This simply was not true.

He lets dirtbags out of prison every day. Maybe he’s considering becoming a stand-up comedian.

“And it was a false statement the defendant made month after month in 2017—April May, June, and so on, through the rest of the year. For nine straight months, the defendant held documents in his hand containing this key lie, that he was paying Michael Cohen for legal services performed in 2017. And he personally signed checks for payments to Michael Cohen for each of these nine months.

“In total, the grand jury found there were 34 documents with this critical false statement,” he explained.

Bragg is normalizing felonies in New York City. I stay clear of it because it’s dangerous.

In New York, orange man bad, and criminals good.

~ Twitter user

This is equivalent to a robber stealing 34 bags of candy and being charged with 34 crimes. Not only that, these “crimes” are misdemeanors, and he made them into felonies. Bragg is creating his own laws.

He surely isn’t investigating crimes by actual dangerous criminals in his city but feels free to invent crimes to humiliate a Republican, a former president, who is the leading Republican candidate.

Trump’s lawyers after the arrangement.

There is no case.

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