Sparta, Wisconsin Horror Show at Fort Afghanistan


Biden and his cabal brought about 13,000 mostly anonymous Afghans to the base in the little town of Sparta, Wisconsin which houses the Fort McCoy military base.

Recently 700 of them simply left to disappear without a trace. It’s okay, Biden’s not looking for them. They’re free. These people didn’t even bother to wait for the handouts. It does make one wonder.

They have a bathroom problem and still do. Afghans can’t touch the toilets or use toilet paper.

Daniel Greenfield reports:

“Afghans were confused and upset by hygiene practices,” a Wall Street Journal article explained. “Every toilet on base was Western-style, with a seat and toilet paper. But a number of Afghans are accustomed to restrooms that allow them to squat so they don’t have to physically touch the toilet. It led to some cases of Afghans relieving themselves outside,” reported Frontpage Mag.

A Czech journal article from the Department of Military Hygiene noted that Afghan “people in rural areas were found to defecate almost everywhere according to convenience. It is important to observe that particularly the rural population does not know or does not use toilet paper.”

More accurately, Islamic law is held by some authorities to ban the use of toilet paper.

“You should consider very carefully shaking hands during the contact with the local population,” the journal article warned. Unfortunately, their local population is now our local population.

Frontpage Mag reports an account of the toilet practices of the defunct Afghan National Army described how our soldiers were forced to “share their toilet with the ANA, as they had been ordered to do by their commanding officers” to win their “hearts and minds”. Unfortunately “it was the custom of the ANA to wipe themselves with their hands, smear their excrement on the walls of the toilet, and rinse their hands in the sink, which left the sinks reeking.”

Toilets are “impure,” “possessed by demons,” blah, blah, blah. You are now living in the 7th century, Sparta.

While great care is taken by Muslims to keep their clothes clean so that they are not “impure” during prayers, bathrooms can be left in a horrifying state because they’re already unclean.

They get a lot of parasitic diseases as you can imagine.

All of you have to wear masks, but Afghans can spread parasites. Go figure.

The Afghans, who had supposedly just been saved from death, didn’t like American food.

American rice was “swapped for basmati rice – it’s expensive but Biden is generous with taxpayer dollars.

There are “multiple cases of minor females who presented as ‘married’ to adult Afghan men, as well as polygamous families,” according to reports out of Fort McCoy.

Child marriage is at 57% in Afghanistan, says Greenfield.

It’s cultural, just accept it, you xenophobic, nativistic racist.

The civilized Afghans are mostly in Afghanistan waiting to be tortured and executed by Biden’s professional and business-like Taliban.

General-in-charge VanHerck claimed that the Afghans at Fort McCoy “are appreciative of our support and eager to begin their lives in America.”

Is that why they’re sneaking off, never to return?

Americans are funding three Halal meals a day for tens of thousands of Afghans, our bases are full of mosques, our soldiers are trying to keep Afghans from killing and abusing each other, and we are on the hook for every dollar in welfare spending lavished on the Afghans while Americans struggle. As the Afghans leave Fort McCoy, the occupation of America will begin.

Don’t forget, Biden’s bill includes permanent welfare and an unvetted welcome to America for any Afghan who can get to a consulate anywhere in the world.

You can understand why a lot of Muslim countries don’t want them. As Qatar said, their values don’t blend with ours.

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