Speaker Pelosi’s Marie Antoinette Moment


Jobless claims reached 22 million over four weeks due to the lockdown, which is now at Great Depression levels, and Americans are on lines at food banks, even in Boston. On that note, Nancy Pelosi had her Marie Antoinette moment. Standing in front of extremely expensive freezers/refrigerators ($24,000), she bragged about her many tubs of Jeni’s ice cream which costs $13 a pint.

[Historically, Marie Antoinette was credited with telling the peasants before her beheading, “Let them eat cake.” In fact, that was not true. She ran to the guillotine, stepped on the executioner’s foot and apologized. We only use the expression here as it is commonly known — showing utter contempt and disdain for and arrogance towards the common man.]

Speaker Pelosi’s callousness is so typical of Marxists. They live in splendor while the rest of us starve.

That Pelosi video was taken during an interview in which she praised senators for letting the small business loan fund run out of money. Socialists hate small businesses.


The socialist Democrats have no intention of opening up the country for business any time soon.

If we don’t stop this lockdown and allow the socialist democrats to continue with it, we will all be on breadlines.

Well, Bernie Sanders did say breadlines are a good thing.



  1. Economic wipeout, chaos, misery, these are all features and not bugs to the CPUSA.
    The vile RED hand of Marx and Lenin has spread throughout the land and it won’t end well.
    The taking over of education was the greatest loss in the culture war and it has led us here to this low point in the history of the republic.
    On the plus side we can still buy supplies, the lights are on, the www is still going, the plumbing works but don’t take anything for granted.

  2. so happy for you nancy. while people are worried about feeding their families and a pay check, you have a freezer full of ice cream and chocolate. i guess you aren’t worry about your pay check are you. enjoy!!!!!!
    thank you to OUR congress
    from YOUR taxpayers

  3. Let the little people eat cake while they are out of a job, I will gorge myself on ice cream from my $5000 freezer in my multi-million dollar mansion as my contribution to fighting the virus crisis. Nasty Pelosi is one of the most vile, disgusting humans on this planet. I didn’t think I could find anyone more disgusting, vile and evil than lying, cheating, crooked Hillary Clinton but I believe Nasty has even topped her.

    • Uh, those freezers are 24k each. Top of the line restaurant models.
      Also, did ya notice Piglosi has a terrible overbite. She needs to fire her dentist. And the people need to fire her. Literally.
      She’s just asking for the CA folks to challenge her authority. Such as it is. Perhaps, a guillotine in her front yard will get her attention. Probably not.
      Just sayin’.

  4. ..Let them eat cake, I will eat my ice cream from my $5000 freezer in my multi-million $ mansion to show how I am sacrificing and suffering from the virus crisis. I do believe Nasty Pelosi is the most disgusting, vile person on the planet. I have long thought that lying, cheating, crooked Hillary was, but I believe Nasty has her beat.

  5. Oh dear God, look at what some of our people have become, completely unhinged and deranged, I am not talking about plain everyday folks either.

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