Spotted: Billboard Truck Shaming Harvard’s Hamas Students?


Thirty-two organizations at Harvard signed an anti-Semitic letter in the aftermath of the massacre in Israel. They wrote that Israel was entirely and solely responsible for the genocidal attack on Israelis in southern Israel. They called Israel an “apartheid” nation and accused them of putting Gazans in an “open-air prison.”

They used actions Israel takes to protect themselves from Hamas as a reason to attack Israel.

The only people causing Gazans misery are Hamas. Harvard donors are threatening not to donate, and the names of students who signed the petitions will be released. The pro-Hamas students are trying to withdraw their names because this could cost them jobs in the near future.

I don’t know if the people plastered on the trucks are definitely students who signed the petition.

Not giving them high-powered jobs sounds reasonable to me. Their insidious ideology and irrational thinking are how our culture turns evil.

The petition’s signatories promote the same evil we saw with Nazis in the 1900s. We can’t allow this. I’m not sure how it should be stopped, but I wouldn’t hire any of them.


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