SSI Rule Change Looks Like a Costly Vote-Buying Scheme


A rule change in SSI (Supplemental Security Income), the welfare portion of Social Security, is possibly another shameless vote-buying scheme for Biden’s low-income and minority bloc with no regard for the unaffordability. It takes effect in September, right before the election.

“The Social Security Administration is set to implement new rules to make it easier for beneficiaries to access certain benefits and increase the payments some may receive,” reports NBC News.

On Thursday, the agency announced a new rule to expand the definition of a public-assistance household. According to the Social Security Administration, more people may qualify for SSI if they get food stamps, otherwise known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, payments. Current beneficiaries may see higher payments, and individuals who live in public assistance households may have fewer reporting requirements.

The previous policy required all household members to receive public assistance.

It’s not clear if people here illegally will qualify. Many do get food stamps.

Under the new rules, a public assistance household will be defined as one that includes an SSI applicant or beneficiary and at least one other member who receives one or more means-tested public income maintenance payments. This expanded definition is designed to include more households that may need assistance.

They claim they are simplifying the process. It sounds like a law that should go through Congress.

SSI is similar to UBI, which is universal basic income. Welfare is a good thing for people who need it, but Democrats took away work requirements and want to give it to people here illegally.

No one should feel entitled to other people’s money. We shouldn’t pay people for just being alive.

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