Dangerous Days! While Trump’s in Court, Biden’s Crooked Campaign Is Doing Great


As Donald Trump is kept from campaigning during key months with an absurd trial in Manhattan, Joe Biden is buying votes, whether it’s through increased welfare, college loan “forgiveness,” militarized executive agencies, corrupt media, or ad buys.

CBS News reports:

As part of a $14 million ad buy announced on Tuesday, the Biden campaign said there would be a seven-figure investment on ad buys in Black, Hispanic, and AAPI media. The campaign says it will also have 46 offices across the battleground state, with headquarters in Milwaukee, a city where 39% of the population is Black according to the U.S. Census.

The Black vote is a crucial bloc of Mr. Biden’s support, and national polling has shown a slight but nonetheless significant decline in enthusiasm. A 2020 CBS News national exit poll showed that 87% of Black voters supported Mr. Biden. A Washington Post-Ipsos poll from April showed a decrease in Black voters who said they’re “absolutely certain to vote,” dropping from 74% in June 2020 to 62% in April.

And the race in the state is tight. A CBS News April poll of Wisconsin found that 50% of likely voters supported Mr. Trump, while 49% support Mr. Biden. Turnout in Milwaukee decreased slightly from 2016 to 2020, according to local news outlet Wisconsin Watch.

The Biden administration is feuding with its biggest ally, The New York Times because the newspaper is not pro-Biden enough.

Worse than that, the administration is using tax dollars and executive agencies to get out the vote for Democrats.


The Democrat administration has also militarized all executive agencies to get out the vote – for them.

In 2021, Biden signed an executive order that directed agencies to increase access to voter registration materials and reduce barriers to voting for certain groups, including military and overseas voters, Native Americans, and people with disabilities. It’s similar to what the Democrats did with Zuckerbucks. Their efforts all go to cities and other left-wing precincts.

The most dangerous aspect of this is the vote-by-mail that Democrats want to be made permanent for all. It is notoriously open to corruption. The order will make it very easy to get vote-by-mail applications. Will they require voter ID?

They will also engage in nationwide voter registration. For example, if you’re on welfare, you’re registered.

People coming in illegally are registered to vote with a notice that they aren’t eligible, but does that matter?

When the Democrat Party has the permanent electoral majority, we will all be under their rule of big government with no real way to hold anyone accountable. That is why we need to stave off the onslaught now.

Candidates don’t do much campaigning in the summer. These are the lost months.

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