Staged phony Kamala film by Sinking Ship Entertainment – not satire


Kamala Harris is undergoing a makeover but it’s not working so far. The artists creating the new Kamala are ‘crisis communication‘ experts and a speechwriter. The new Kamala appears in the short films below with several children grinning and cackling inappropriately. So far, the new Kamala is the old Kamala. Watch it if you can bear it, but most remarkably, the handlers hired a company with a very appropriate name — Sinking Ship Entertainment. Unfortunately, the name is slowly disappearing from the credits.

If you can’t bear to watch the first two, we added shorter clips at the end, but you cna’t unsee it once you look.

Everything about this staged White House with movie sets and scripted events with children is a fraud. Sinking ship is perfect. They should leave it on there.

The Canadian entertainment company for children, SINKING SHIP ENTERTAINMENT, had its logo on the first, shorter clip with Kamala Harris and the children at the Naval Observatory celebrating space week. Now it’s gone.

We think they are gradually erasing the name of the company that created it for obvious reasons.

When I went to the first clip, I took a screenshot of the sinking ship logo but it is labeled YouTubeEntertainment. That appears to be gone now. The longer clip below still has the name go by speedily.

If you go to the end of the longer clip and stop it, you will see it’s by sinking ship entertainment. It goes by quickly.

Anyway, just look at these clips so you can be as annoyed as I am.

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