Starbucks is in big trouble for going against Black Lives Matter


Starbucks sent an internal memo banning employees from wearing any Black Lives Matter shirts or pins because it violates their policy against advocating for a “political, religious or personal issue” at work.

On June 1, the coffee retailer vowed on Twitter to “stand in solidarity with our Black partners, customers, and communities.” A few days later, it tweeted, and then pinned, a more in-depth commitment to supporting Black Lives Matter and confronting bias and racism and to “being a part of change.”

However, it didn’t include allowing the company’s baristas and other employees to wear T-shirts, pins, or any other accessory that mentions Black Lives Matter.

That is not going over well. To give you an idea, #BoycottStarbucks is trending on Twitter. Will Starbucks apologize any moment now?

The problem for them is they push the LGBTQ pins.

BLM isn’t what you think it is.

Bill O’Reilly explains who the Black Lives Matter actually are, which is a heavily-Soros-funded, white leftist-generated organization:

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