Steve Bannon Was the Victim of a Swatting – a Very Dangerous Situation


Heavily-armed police descended on Steve Bannon‘s home in D.C. today while he was on the air. It didn’t stop Bannon’s show. This was in response to a call claiming a man with a gun was inside and shot someone.

The call was a ‘swatting’ attempt, which is when someone makes a false report in order to have the police show up to a particular address.

Bannon was set up and it was a very dangerous situation.

The Washington Post reports that police shut down streets near the Supreme Court and the Capitol Building for about one hour.

A DC police spokeswoman later said someone had called a crisis hotline and reported that a man inside Bannon’s row house in the area of the 200 block of A Street NE was armed and had shot someone.

Bannon said the police were “terrific”.

Swatting happens periodically by insidious people but they never seem to get caught. The call could have come from anywhere.

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1 year ago

I’ll give 10 to 1 odds the caller was a Democrat.