Stunning! Harvard Is So Woke That They’re Racists


Boston, USA – November 5, 2011: Widener Library at night on November 5th, 2011. The Library of Harvard University has 15.6 million books and is the largest university library in the world.

Asian Americans sued Harvard for their racist admissions policies, and the case is now in the Supreme Court.

Ed Whelan, a senior fellow in constitutional studies at EPPC, noted that the amicus brief of the Asian American Coalition for Education explains how the Harvard admissions office manipulates impersonal “Personal rating” to discriminate against Asian American applicants. As he says, the contrast with in-person alumni interviewer ratings is stunning.

WOKE-ists at Harvard are racists who discriminate against Asian Americans. Their interviewer ratings prove it. They do it by attempting to use vague criteria such as “integrity, helpfulness, courage, kindness, fortitude, empathy, self-confidence, leadership ability, maturity, and grit.” Since they use Marxist principles, you can imagine how that goes.

They have a scale of 1-6, with ‘1’ being the best in the land of woke.

This is who gets the ‘1-2’ in personal ratings: Asian Americans 22%, Whites 30%, Hispanic 34%, and Blacks 47%.

That same racist rating persists for all deciles. This is cagey racism, justified by subjective measures that cannot be determined reasonably.

Woke Harvard imposed a racial hierarchy where Black is the most desirable, followed by Hispanics. Whites and Asians are at the bottom, least favored, and least likely to be admitted.

Harvard had NO plausible race-neutral explanation for the racial hierarchy during the proceedings.

Significantly, unlike the internal admissions raters, woke Harvard interviewers who meet with most applicants in person score Asians as high compared to other ethnicities on personal qualities.

There is NO way Asians and Whites are deficient in personal qualities. Harvard is just racist, period. Marxist justice is a disgrace.

You can read the Supreme Court document on this link.


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