You Are the Carbon Problem


Countries that follow the script of The World Economic Forum under Klaus Schwab are beginning to fail or fight back. They include Ghana, Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, and others.

The Schwab Nazis see you as the carbon problem. Although there isn’t even a carbon problem.

Ghana and Sri Lanka have collapsed. These countries banned needed fertilizers and pesticides. They also limited fossil fuels.

The Netherlands is losing its farms which is its main export. The country has come up with oppressive Nitrogen policies at the suggestion of Klaus Schwab.


Sri Lanka’s collapse resulted from socialism, MMT (deficit spending), eco-fascism, and ESG-touted policies. The Left is pretending the problems are over the pandemic. The lockdown is only part of the problem.

“A food, energy, and financial crisis have brought down Sri Lanka’s government. But the underlying cause is that the nation’s political leaders had fallen under the spell of green elites peddling “ESG” and banning modern fertilizers,” Michael Shellenberger wrote.


Ghana used to have one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa but decided to turn to international financial organizations due to the country’s economy hitting a snag resulting from Ghana’s government amassing too much debt and heightening inflation.

Ghana had undertaken United Nations carbon reduction emission goals before but could not meet them due to the increasing fertilizer costs. The European Union declined to help Ghana, so they secured a loan from the World Bank that required Ghana to cut carbon emissions and deforestation by embracing renewable energy sources.

Consequently, Ghana’s national power supply was shut down shortly thereafter, and it experienced water shortages since electricity is needed to deliver it to where there is not enough to cultivate crops on farmlands.

The worst part is South Africa is going through the same thing as Ghana and Sri Lanka, thanks to government ESG financiers in Europe and the United States.


The Netherlands’ Prime Minister Mark Rutte instituted a Nitrogen policy that will destroy private farming in the country.

Italian farmers with the message, “we are not slaves.”

According to Zero Hedge, farmers in Italy, Spain, and Poland have joined Dutch farmers in protest of ‘green’ government regulations that will decimate the industry by forcing them to reduce their use of nitrogen fertilizer compounds.

We are not slaves – we are farmers,” said Italian farmers, who drove tractors through the streets of Milan and blocked city traffic.

Sri Lanka and Ghana have great environmental scores but can’t grow crops.

The Netherlands has just under an 80 ESG score. Ghana’s 63, and Sri Lanka is 70. The WEF’s own ESG scores suggest their ideas fail.

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