Stupefying! Dems Still Say Hunter’s Laptop is Russian Disinformation


The contents of the Hunter Biden laptop have been authenticated by the NY Post and the NY Times. The Washington Post authenticated some of the documents. Yet two Democrat lawmakers are — unbelievably — still saying it’s Russian disinformation.

Not only will no one apologize to Donald Trump for these outrageous lies, but at least some Democrats will proudly keep lying.

Hunter Biden is currently under federal investigation allegedly for not paying taxes. He left the laptop, and reportedly two others, with a Delaware computer repair show and never picked them up.

The shop owner, Mac Issac, turned the computers over to the FBI and gave a copy of the hard drive to Rudy Giuliani who gave a copy to the NY Post.

Hunter’s pay-for-play operation was exposed on the publicly available laptop, along with his perverse lifestyle.


“I think it’s as bogus as it was before,” House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer told The Washington Times when asked if he thought the laptop and its contents constituted a Russian plot.

Rep. David Cicilline of Rhode Island, chairman of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, told The Times he viewed the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop now no differently than he did in 2020.

Four days after the original New York Post report on the laptop appeared on  Oct. 14, 2020, Mr. Cicilline commented, “Oh look. The New York Post’s attempt to smear the Bidens is already collapsing in on itself. Shocker.”

Sen. Gary Peters, Michigan Democrat and chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, who didn’t bother reviewing  the new banking information released by Sen. Ron Johnson and Sen. Grassley, told The Washington Times, “Well, I know the intelligence community said there was a lot of Russian misinformation out there.”

So, more will say the same. The Times just didn’t talk to all of the Democrats. This will possibly become the talking point.

Democrats are using a new conspiracy theory to back it up. Trump recently mentioned the alleged $3.5 million given to Hunter’s firm by a prominent Russian and said Putin should be asked if it’s true. So, now the left is saying he is asking for help to frame the Bidens.

Even CNN knows the laptop is real:

Matt Gaetz did get the laptop into the congressional record:

As a result, there is likely a possible move underway to remove Joe Biden:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Hoyer is a chronic airhead. I recall during the Obama years he was the dem whip and said lots of odd things. He blamed Reagan for a DC mass transit problem. He said congress did not give Obama the right to seize GM, a while later he said the opposite.

There is no decent Rhode Island official, it is not worth it to comment on Cicilline.

Note that Gaetz said this week repeatedly that the DOJ had the laptop 3 years ago, no one in session disagreed, including the FBI official under questioning. This means they had it not for 1 year before the election, but 2 years! So, Barr had it for his entire term, and Sessions may also have had it! DOJ officials were key to fixing the election, before and after.

1 year ago

Democrats actually believe that Hunter Biden’s Laptop is Russian Disinformation, because otherwise the Democrat Party Leaders are all guilty of Treason.

Spoiler Alerts
Spoiler Alerts
1 year ago

And Isis and Azov are moderate rebels while Antifa isn’t recognized by NATO.
The drooling useful idiot CPUSA comrades wouldn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground and just as Hillary said they count on this in the Long March.