Subversive Congresswoman Swears to “Transform Our Democracy”


Communist/Democratic Socialist Ilhan Omar, who appears to have married her brother while married possibly as part of an immigration scam, plans to bring ‘resist’ to congress to ‘transform’ the USA through legislation in order to “transform our government and our democracy”.

‘Democracy’ is the buzzword of the Socialist/Communist. We live in a constitutional REPUBLIC.


Omar said, “And so we are just really excited to get to work and make sure that the words we said on the campaign trail transform into legislation that will transform our government and our democracy.”

Make no mistake, she means it.

Omar is a proud member of the Democratic Socialists of America [their agenda is to the left of the Communist Party USA] and she is a member of the Progressive [Communist/Socialist] Caucus with other leftists.

She has already started in a small way. Omar recently got the House to change 181 years of tradition and will be allowed to wear her headgear into the Chamber whereas Jews have not been allowed to wear yarmulkes.

What happened to separation of church and state?


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herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Great read–‘Liberty on Life Support’ by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, “America used to mean something. The Statue of Liberty represented independence, what it meant collectively to be an American. There was a reason why millions risked life and limb to come to our shores.” “We are not who liberals decide us to be. We are not children who need to be told by the government how to live and to be shameful and apologetic about our American exceptionalism.”

3 years ago

She should be wearing a condom on her head. Isn’t she a ginormous d-head?

Jace Anderson
Jace Anderson
3 years ago

What has happened too Minnesota? The Farmer-Labor party done put too much herbicide in the water table and it’s screwed up their brains.

3 years ago

they are displaying the conquering flag of the caliphate in the white house, you know.
it’s a declaration of victory. it should be put down brutally, tbh.

Michael Kinzig
Michael Kinzig
3 years ago

When was the last time a Jew went crazy because he couldn’t wear his beanie?