Supreme Court Grounds Evacuated After Today’s Ruling


The Leftists, who can’t stop themselves from talking about J6, are possibly resorting to violence or threats of violence – again. A suspicious package was found on the steps of the Supreme Court, and the grounds were evacuated. This follows the Court’s Affirmative Action ruling today. In that ruling, the Court determined that schools can no longer discriminate based on race, as per the Constitution.

This evacuation could be over nothing. However, we have some history with Democrats and how they react to rulings they dislike.

You likely remember the raging leftists (Antifa and Black Lives Matter Democrats) threatening Justices outside their homes over their abortion decision. One person arrived in a taxi to kill Justice Kavanaugh.

The only people angry over this decision are the leftists.


US Capitol Police wrote on Twitter, “We are assisting the Supreme Court Police with a suspicious package. Out of an abundance of caution, we are also helping keep the area clear. We cannot provide further information about another agency’s case, but we will keep the community updated about our involvement.”

The Capitol Police have shut down streets in the immediate vicinity of the Supreme Court building, which lies across the street from the US Capitol building.

The evacuation comes as the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action in a morning ruling.

Thus is it too conspiratorial to think we might see a repeat of the reaction to the abortion decision from these lunatics? They are hard left and want to overthrow the government.

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