Surgeon General blasts FB, Psaki continues spreading disinformation


Vivtek Murthy, our authoritarian Surgeon General, is continuing the feud with Facebook over not doing enough to stop COV misinformation.

We love it when the left eats its own as opposed to attacking conservatives.

With all the censoring FB does, it’s not good enough for the leftists.

“It’s not enough,” Murthy told Fox News about Facebook, adding that “misinformation is still spreading” and social media companies have to move to stop it. “We are still, despite some of the actions that they have taken, seeing significant spread of misinformation.”

Murthy then argued that “this health misinformation is hurting people’s health, it’s costing them their lives,” adding he’s “asking these companies to step up and take responsibility for what’s happening on their sides.”

What makes this all so comical is the fact that just yesterday, Biden’s SPOX, Jen Psaki, lied through a presser, spreading COV misinformation.

It all began with Biden accusing FB of killing people by allowing misinformation. They rebutted, saying they are actually saving lives. They’re both idiot authoritarians.

Psaki claims the drug is FDA-approved and met the gold standard. That is an easily provable lie. She must be banned everywhere.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
2 years ago

Shades of the French Revolution, as the left begins taking bites out of their own. This could be fun to watch.

Mean Boy Is Meaner
Mean Boy Is Meaner
2 years ago

Where is the unity among the right side of history today Georgia tomorrow the world glorious 1000 year reign of victory crew?
Remember absolute chaos and division is the goal of the Satanic Marxist inversion.