Surgeon General on Expanding COV Mandate: “Nothing Is Off the Table”


Figurehead President Biden has said that he is prepared to fight the lawsuits and a recent temporary injunction aimed at his unconstitutional vaccine mandate for private business. Immediately after OSHA published their rule, which is actually a law, it was rumored that the mandate will be expanded to include small businesses and other mandates.

A federal judge put a temporary halt to the latest mandate, saying there are “grave statutory and constitutional issues.”

The authoritarian Biden cabal is ignoring Congress and using agencies, unelected bureaucrats, to create laws.

During an interview with This Week, Biden’s Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, who has politicized the office, confirmed: “that nothing is off the table.” They plan to look at expanding the mandate.


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1 year ago

If the Government can do anything it wants in the name of the Public Good, what is the limit? Liberals should consider that if very Conservative Republicans take over the Government in 2022, then they can claim that Abortion is not in the public good and ban all abortions nationwide. If it’s in the Public Good, Roe v Wade is out the door. In the name of the Public Good, what’s to stop the Government from outlawing all gambling, forcing overweight people into “Health Camps”, forcing people with Gender Dysphoria into Mental Health Facilities, or taking away the Children of the poor and putting their parents into work camps? How about forcing all children into Sunday Bible class? If we give Government this kind of power, where does it end? The Government Tyranny disguised as “For the Public Good” has no end.

1 year ago

Can vaccinated people get the infection? YES
Can vaccinated people infect others? YES
Can vaccinated people end up hospitalized with the infection? YES
Can vaccinated people die from the infection? YES
Can unvaccinated people die from the vaccine or have permanently damage? NO

1 year ago

The ‘finish line’ that’s always nowhere in sight.