Suspended Deputy Silvester’s fund is over $500,000


Officer Nate Silvester was suspended without pay by the Bellevue Idaho Marshall’s Office after he made a video mocking Lebron for trashing the officer who saved a black girl’s life by shooting her attacker as she was about to stab her to death.

Bellevue is a dangerous, violent district.

However, the Marshall’s Office believes he was insensitive and condemned the video.

The cancel culture in the mainstream media is trying to get him fired with countless articles about four past shootings he was involved in. He was cleared of wrongdoing.

Additionally, the cancel culture is trying to get GoFundMe to take down the account and return the money to the donors.

A friend of Deputy Silvester’s started the GoFundMe to cover his lost pay. As it happens, it just kept growing. Deputy Silvester then said he wants to give some of the money to a children’s fund for emergency workers and another fund for police who are going through the same thing he is going through.

He is currently working with a lawyer to see how best to do it.

The fund is now over $500,00 with famous people like Donald Trump Jr. pushing it. Deputy Silvester’s friend raised the limit to one million.

Hopefully, GoFundMe won’t take it down.


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