Suspended officer’s GoFundMe is over $196k


Update: The fund is now over $208k.

The Utah officer who was suspended without pay for a harmless video mocking Lebron, has  a GoFundMe set up by a friend.

People gave very generously, more than enough to cover his lost pay. That’s when Officer Nate Sylvester decided to give the excess funds to other officers and families in the same predicament thanks to the Democrat cancel culture.

He’s also donating to the Responders’ Children’s Foundation.

The fund is now at $196,000 and growing.

His friend who started the page, Mr. Gannon Ward, wrote this: : Nate is beside himself!! He is SO GRATEFUL for everyone’s donations. He was literally speechless. He has decided to donate a portion to the charity The First Responders Children’s Foundation, a charity for the families of fallen officers and first responders. Therefore, I’m upping the goal again!

This is yesterday’s update from Nate.

Next up is the original clip made in response to Lebron’s comments about the shooting of a teen black girl about to stab another teen black girl.

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