Swamp Critter Report! Let’s Not Forget Who Rod Rosenstein Actually Is


There is a several months-old story making the rounds again and we thought we would repost it to remind everyone just who the Rosenstein’s are. Rosenstein’s wife is a top lawyer for Obama, Clinton and even Mueller. Her name is Lisa Barsoomian.

We posted this story here in March.

Barsoomian’s firm only represents Democrats.

Barsoomian represented Bill Clinton shortly after Rosenstein cleared Hillary as a prosecutor. It turns out that Rosenstein worked as a Whitewater prosecutor. This guy was on the prosecution team of Whitewater, which, of course, found the Clintons had done nothing. Rosenstein’s wife then represented Bill Clinton shortly after Rod Rosenstein cleared Hillary in the Whitewater thing.

We’re talking the DC hillbillies where everyone is closely related to everyone else. It is indeed a swamp.

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