Taking down a president


“This is way bigger than Antifa. These are the shock troops, but there are 20 or more communist groups operating freely in the United States who engage in what they refer to as ‘anti-fascist’ militant action.” – Trevor Loudon, May 31, 2020

Before you read this, you need to know what a color revolution is. The color revolution is a very special type of delicate coup. We witnessed the coup to take down President Trump, but what is going on in the United States is more than that according to some who claim it’s a color revolution.

Linda Goudsmit explained on this link. She wrote in ‘A Color Revolution Is Not About Color”:

A color revolution is a known tactical CIA operation that uses a seemingly spontaneous act as the precipitating event to destabilize a country and effect regime change. The color revolution is what is happening in America, and its front line soldiers are Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM).

America’s Own Color Revolution,” June 29, 2020, Geopolitics article explains how “Hundreds of thousands of young Americans are being used as a battering ram to not only topple a U.S. President, but in the process, the very structures of the U.S. Constitutional order.”…

The same intel officials who took down foreign countries are using the same tactics against Donald Trump. The Sentinel is not yet ready to say the Marxist Antifa and BLM are tied to our intel agencies in any way, but they are feeding into a coup, possibly a color revolution.


That takes us to the Presidential Debate Committee which proved to be a joke so far. Wallace acted as Biden’s protector when he wasn’t debating President Trump himself. Susan Page framed every question from a leftist point of view. Steve Scully, who never got to moderate, interned with Biden and recently went to Biden’s Beach Party Bash. Then there is the future moderator, Kristen Welker who goes to pressers to agitate and ask obnoxious questions.

It’s a farce. Even Bob Dole has come out to say every member, even friends of his, are never Trumpers and it’s unfair.

According to Revolver News, “The nominally Republican Chairman of Presidential Debate Commission, Frank Fahrenkopf, is both a co-founder and current board member of the International Republican Institute (IRI), a top “Color Revolution” propaganda outfit. The IRI was run by Never Trump neoconservative John McCain for decades. It is closely linked to the thoroughly discredited Steele Dossier at the center of the Russia Hoax.”

David Kramer is on the debate board. He’s the former aide to the late Senator John McCain who spread the dossier hoax around.

John McCain himself ran the commission for 25 years. McCain, if you’ll remember, not only hated Donald Trump, he hated making American great again. He railed against it. He was a globalist through and through and a friend to George Soros who heavily funded the McCain Institute.

The Sentinel believes George Soros is a communist.

The debate commission is indeed the re-elect Biden commission:

Revolver News discusses the color revolution in these clips (remember the name Norm Eisen, he’s the alleged architect). We wrote previously that Norm Eisen is involved in the group to take down Trump should he win next month.  If you don’t have time to watch both clips, watch the Tucker clip:



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